Georgie Howe and Paradigm Shift Sports started working together in early 2022. She had only been in the sport for two years after a transition out of professional rowing. Despite her inexperience, she had managed to secure a silver medal at the Australian Time Trial Championships, later followed by an excellent team ride at the Santos Festival of Cycling.

PSS saw the potential in Georgie, particularly after listening to a post-race interview and got behind her as she jetted off to Europe with the goal of turning professional. A plan was made between Georgie, her coach Nick and PSS. Many calls were had with Georgie around preparation, tactics and debriefs, whilst many meetings were held with a number of teams. Through Georgie’s persistence, positive mindset and hunger for growth she excelled throughout her racing opportunities. After receiving interest from a number of teams, PSS managed to secure a Women’s World Tour team, perfect for her development.

This growth continued into her first year as a professional, living and racing in Europe, navigating European pelotons and playing her part in team and individual roles.

In August, 2022, Georgie was selected to race at her first Time Trial World Championships, where she raced to a staggering 10th place, after just three years in the sport. We are so happy to work with Georgie and her curiosity for this new sport, and cannot wait to see what’s in store in the years to come!


August 15, 2023



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