After narrowly missing out on the Tokyo Olympic Track Team, combined with a lack of international racing due to COVID-19 lockdowns, Alex Martin Wallace struggled to find a paid opportunity on the road. Her academy funding dried up, and soon she was on her own, and in need of an income. With an already-packed schedule studying robotic engineering as well as professional cycling, adding in the stress of a traditional job wasn’t going to help her progress in the sport. 

 Paradigm Shift Sports came up with a solution. After connecting with Saab Australia; who recognise the transferrable skills elite athletes can offer, PSS and Saab Au created the beginnings of the PSS Athlete in Business Program, and Saab Au’s inaugural Women in Sport Scholarship. This scholarship enabled Alex to travel to Europe with her road cycling team, and attempt to make it professionally on the road. She was also provided with a business mentor, in her desired industry, along with flexible working hours to fit in with her European racing schedule. Not only has this program allowed her to focus on her dreams of turning professional, but it has given her industry experience, a network and confidence for her eventual transition out of sport. 

 "Working at Saab has provided me with invaluable experience that has not only supported my sporting aspirations but has also allowed me to broaden my understanding of the engineering field. The financial support has allowed me to feel secure, which is a position that can be hard to come by as a female athlete.  The level of flexibility that Saab has given me allows me to seamlessly intertwine my work, training and racing so that I can get the best out of myself in all areas. 

Being in this position is not something I take for granted, and I believe the partnership between PSS and Saab has the potential to provide a level of security and confidence to future athletes to both support them throughout their cycling careers, as well as transitioning out of sport." - Alex Martin Wallace


January 30, 2024



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