What can I do to help women’s cycling?

Watch the Women

Get behind women’s cycling by heading out to the races, or watching it online. If it’s not televised, demand to see more.

Follow the Athletes

Follow them on social media, watch their races, and spread the word about their personalities or racing nous.
-Get Involved. Help out at races, write to your local councils, and push for more racing, sponsors, stories, and media exposure. Do what you can to help create opportunities for our current riders and support local talent coming through.

Sponsor an Athlete

It’s an expensive sport and anything you can do to support a rider coming through could give them the leg-up they need - whether it be product or financial support, or a flexible employment opportunity; anything you can offer can make a difference.

Mentor an Athlete

If you have skills you think would benefit an athlete in their life now, or the future, feel free to reach out to them and see if donating your time could make a difference.


July 16, 2023



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